Don’t Go Hungry!! –> A Well Fed Spirit

We need spiritual food for our spirits in the same way we need balanced meals in the form of physical foods to be strong and healthy. Spiritual food is how we connect and relate to a Holy God! Its how we learn His heart and become more like Him. Spiritual food takes us away from ourselves and places the focus on the bigger picture. Its where God shows us how He can use little old us to do BIG things for His kingdom that will have an eternal impact. God is continually extending the invitation for us to partake in spiritual food firsthand whether that is found in His Word, in Prayer, or in Worship. We can also receive our spiritual food through secondary sources like church services, books, or podcasts.

Spiritual food provides us with the opportunity to have revelation of who Jesus is. When we have revelation of who Jesus is, our spirits are nourished and we take our place at His table. When our spirits are well fed, we are in position to find who we really are.  Our spirits need to be fed not just for our own excitement, our spirits need to be fed for our assignment.  All of our assignments start at the same place, The Table of JESUS. From there, we are to go out and be lights in the world, to be fishers of men. (Matthew 4:19). God promised to equip us for the task ahead, but He can’t equip us if we aren’t at His table receiving our spiritual food.

Spiritual food opens the door for you to receive the promises of God. The Promises you hear at God’s table WILL Come to past. Every obstacle or rejection that is different from God’s promise for you is the devil’s attempts to distract and deter you. The devil will lie and tell you that the promises aren’t coming to fruition and that it’s not worth it to keep going back for more spiritual food. He will say why are you worshipping or praying when you haven’t gotten X,Y,Z that you asked for last week. Don’t believe it, the devil is a liar and he wants you to doubt. Remember, Our God who promised is FAITHFUL to perform!”(1st Thessalonians 5:24)

Choosing to partake in spiritual food no matter your circumstances is the gateway to the miraculous and the fulfillment of God’s promise. When we choose to worship even in bad times, it is an act of Surrender. It’s an expression of Faith, a statement to God that “I Believe in you, I Trust You and I desire to be in your presence because your spiritual food is where I find strength!!”  Dining at God’s table is the opening for him to plant seeds in your heart.  The harvest of those seeds may not be seen for days, weeks, months, or years BUT the Harvest WILL Come because God uses EVERYTHING (Romans 8:28). Every time you truly enter the presence of God, you are transformed. It may not be visible on the outside, but it happens! It’s impossible to experience spiritual food from such a mighty God and not be transformed.

God said and we believe that “physical training is of some value, BUT Godliness has value for ALL things, holding promises for both the present life and the life to come” (1st Timothy 4:8). So take a moment or two, GO GET FED!!! Our God LOVES You so much!! He’s inviting you and he’s preparing to fill you with an overflow of knowledge, wisdom, and something which nothing in this world can compare, that is The JOY of being in His Presence!

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