Post Election: An Open Letter To My Christian Brothers and Sisters


Dear Christian Brother or Sister,

The recent presidential election has caused so much division in our nation. Many people voted from places of fear, anxiety, anger, hurt, bitterness, pride, and so many other emotions. Well, the election is over and the people have spoken. It doesn’t matter which side you were on; the fact is Donald Trump will be our next President of the United States.

In the days and weeks to come, I’m sure there will continued tension amongst our nation. Many people of color feel betrayed, disappointed, and fearful. I have had friends reaching out telling me to be safe and expressing concern for me because of where I live and attend school. I would be lying to say I haven’t felt my own doubt, anxiety, and fear about what is to come.

But God reminded me of who He is and made it plain that I shouldn’t worry or walk in fear.  Can I tell you that God is not amused, fearful, or surprised of the election outcome! We serve a God who knows the beginning and the end. The beautiful thing is he’s given us a glimpse of these same things too if we’d only open our bibles and read them.

There seems to be an expected other shoe that will drop because Mr. Trump has been elected. Christians look the same as nonbelievers in a lot of cases. We’re making outrageous facebook and twitter posts, unfollowing and blocking people because their beliefs misalign with ours, and saying we’re scared of the next 4 years. If no one has told you, the spirit of fear you harbor is not from God, Its’ the devil. The desire to suppress every belief that’s different from yours is the devil, He wants division. The devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy: He’s like a roaring lion looking for vulnerable people.

The time is Now for us as Christians to stand united. I encourage you to not walk in fear because of who you are and whose you are. You are the Daughter or Son of the Most High God and He is still on the throne. Will we as Christians react to the election like unbelievers or will we be set apart? Will we love God and chase after him more in the midst of our confusion or do we run for cover and ignore His call?  Will we love people more despite their differing opinions and shortcomings as Jesus did for us? Will we allow the enemy to swallow us up in the distraction that can be social media?

I challenge you today and every day going forward to be SET APART. Its okay to feel a vast range of emotions in the aftermath of the election, but its not okay to stay in those emotions. Don’t ruin your witness arguing with people on social media or in person. Let your light for Jesus shine brighter than it ever has. In all things, point people towards an eternal Hope, and tell them about the One whose Name is the Highest title in the land. That name is Jesus!!!

The God who loves you is fearless! Let us, His bride (the Church), be fearless also. Let’s love people more than we ever have and actively work towards advancing the Kingdom in our personal lives. God loves me, you, and every person who disagrees with our political stance. So let’s be set apart and Love as Christ loves us. This is so much bigger than you or me: this love is necessary because souls are at risk and eternity is on the line.

Your Sister in Christ,



See the Vision: Stand on the Promises

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Here’s one thing you should know about me; I am not artistically talented. Art has been a struggle for me, since I was a young girl. The most trouble I ever got in during grade school happened in art class. I was discouraged by my inability to draw simple things like the Sun or trees, so I would refuse to participate in art class in elementary school. Well, my art teacher said my negative attitude was effecting the class. So he sent me to the office as a disciplinary action. There was only one problem, the people in the office didn’t believe I had caused any trouble; they welcomed me with open arms, chatted with me for about 10 minutes and sent me back to class.

Why did I tell the story? I want you to know that I LITERALLY can draw nothing and have never been interested in art. My interests and appreciation for different forms of art grew once I started college as I designed and decorated my room. I still stick to less hands on art like picture frames and canvases with scriptures (not painted by me), but I like to have one personal art piece in my room every year.

What’s the one personal piece you may say???? Its my vision board. Calling it “my vision board” is a little misleading however because that implies its filled with my quotes, my pictures, my dreams of what my future will be and its none of the above.

Instead, my vision board is actually God’s vision board for me. The most recent edition is two canvases side by side. On one canvas, I made post it notes full with God’s promises to me. I have scriptures about His love, His plans, and His provisions for my life. On the other canvas, there are scriptures with God’s commands for me. I know God will fulfill His promises to me, but I challenge myself to Live His commands. The canvas with scriptures of God’s commands is a daily reminder of the importance He places on showing love to the world, being a light, possessing a servant’s heart, and living a life that Glorifies His name.

One of the hardest things I have done in my young faith walk was letting go of my dreams and plans and choosing to trust God even when I don’t understand. I can’t give the fullness of my testimony because I’m still in the midst of this season. However, I believe that as He leads and I follow: My God who promised is faithful to perform. I trust God’s heart even when I can’t see His Hand. My vision board is a reminder of God’s promises and keeps me centered on His word.

I try to read all the scriptures every day, but especially when I feel doubtful, frustrated, overwhelmed, confused, or any other negative emotions the devil sends in his attacks. Its in those hard times where I actively choose to remember and STAND On the Promises.

So, my challenge to you is to create your own rendition of a vision board. Be led by the Holy Spirit and allow the board to be God’s vision for your life, not your own. Jesus said that “if you lose your life for his sake you will Find life” (Matthew 16:24). Jesus came to this earth, lived a blameless life and died for our sins so that we could “have life and have it to the full”. (John 10:10). It’s great to know God for the eternal life He offers, but lets not miss the splendid earthly life He desires to give us also. The life Jesus offers is rich in non-material values like joy, peace, and hope. CREATE your vision board, DECLARE the promises, LIVE the commands and STAND on the Word of God!!

Don’t Go Hungry!! –> A Well Fed Spirit

We need spiritual food for our spirits in the same way we need balanced meals in the form of physical foods to be strong and healthy. Spiritual food is how we connect and relate to a Holy God! Its how we learn His heart and become more like Him. Spiritual food takes us away from ourselves and places the focus on the bigger picture. Its where God shows us how He can use little old us to do BIG things for His kingdom that will have an eternal impact. God is continually extending the invitation for us to partake in spiritual food firsthand whether that is found in His Word, in Prayer, or in Worship. We can also receive our spiritual food through secondary sources like church services, books, or podcasts.

Spiritual food provides us with the opportunity to have revelation of who Jesus is. When we have revelation of who Jesus is, our spirits are nourished and we take our place at His table. When our spirits are well fed, we are in position to find who we really are.  Our spirits need to be fed not just for our own excitement, our spirits need to be fed for our assignment.  All of our assignments start at the same place, The Table of JESUS. From there, we are to go out and be lights in the world, to be fishers of men. (Matthew 4:19). God promised to equip us for the task ahead, but He can’t equip us if we aren’t at His table receiving our spiritual food.

Spiritual food opens the door for you to receive the promises of God. The Promises you hear at God’s table WILL Come to past. Every obstacle or rejection that is different from God’s promise for you is the devil’s attempts to distract and deter you. The devil will lie and tell you that the promises aren’t coming to fruition and that it’s not worth it to keep going back for more spiritual food. He will say why are you worshipping or praying when you haven’t gotten X,Y,Z that you asked for last week. Don’t believe it, the devil is a liar and he wants you to doubt. Remember, Our God who promised is FAITHFUL to perform!”(1st Thessalonians 5:24)

Choosing to partake in spiritual food no matter your circumstances is the gateway to the miraculous and the fulfillment of God’s promise. When we choose to worship even in bad times, it is an act of Surrender. It’s an expression of Faith, a statement to God that “I Believe in you, I Trust You and I desire to be in your presence because your spiritual food is where I find strength!!”  Dining at God’s table is the opening for him to plant seeds in your heart.  The harvest of those seeds may not be seen for days, weeks, months, or years BUT the Harvest WILL Come because God uses EVERYTHING (Romans 8:28). Every time you truly enter the presence of God, you are transformed. It may not be visible on the outside, but it happens! It’s impossible to experience spiritual food from such a mighty God and not be transformed.

God said and we believe that “physical training is of some value, BUT Godliness has value for ALL things, holding promises for both the present life and the life to come” (1st Timothy 4:8). So take a moment or two, GO GET FED!!! Our God LOVES You so much!! He’s inviting you and he’s preparing to fill you with an overflow of knowledge, wisdom, and something which nothing in this world can compare, that is The JOY of being in His Presence!

The Word of God is Alive and Active

This is My Sword: The word is a weapon! My personal bible is one of my most prized possessions, its highlighted, marked in, pages bookmarked and all that. When the devil comes for me, here is where I look for answers!
This is My Sword: The word is a weapon! My personal bible is one of my most prized possessions: its highlighted, marked in with pen, pages bookmarked and all that. When the devil comes for me, here is where I look for answers!

Hebrews 4:12 says that “the Word of God(the bible) is alive and active. It cuts sharper than any 2-edged sword dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”

Notice the action verbs in the above scripture: God said the word is alive, active, cuts sharper, and it judges… This is by no means passive language; believing this scripture requires belief in the power of God’s Word. Let’s break down this scripture:

  1. If the Word of God is alive and active, this means its relevant to our life today. The bible was written many many years ago, but our God is so wise that his knowledge, wisdom, and commands are timeless. In a world where relevance is a constant battle in the job, in the school, on social media, in medicine, in fashion, in entertainment and so many other fields..  The bible says that “heaven and earth will pass away, but the word of God is eternal” (Matthew 24:35).We should take comfort in knowing that God’s word is alive and active; It does not lose relevance. 
  2. The scripture then says that God’s Word cuts sharper than any two-edged sword, dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow. Many people run from God, ignore the bible, or deface Christianity because the bible is truth and truth is hard to face. If you really read the Word and commit to living Holy, the Word will cut through your outer persona, and root out things that are unlike God. In modern terms, the Word will come for your life unapologetically and force an evaluation of who you are. Don’t be afraid of this pruning and purifying process! We, as followers of Christ, “experience tests and trials to prove the genuineness of our faith, which is worth more than gold” (1st Peter 1:6-7). 
  3.  The last part of the scripture is about judgement and exposure. This can scare many people, but it simply means we must channel the power of the Word of God. We need that power to make it through this life because although we are in the world, we are not of it (John 15:19). The bible says that our flesh must die, so that our spirit can live. For our flesh to die, we need to use the word and allow it to judge the thoughts and attitudes of our heart.
  4. Lets use the Word of God as a weapon and a resource. When things are chaotic, choose to run to the Word instead of running to people or other vices. His Word is timeless and it is active. It is a lifeline, a  fountain of knowledge, and a well of truth. It is eternal, not fickle or faulty– completely trustworthy in all its forms. God said and we believe that His Word is Eternal, His Word is alive and active, and His Word is for our benefit!


The Table is Set; Take Your Place

I have this grand vision of my one-day family. When I’m married with children, dinner will be more than a meal! It will be a time of fellowship ; a daily appointment of quality time. I see my husband at the head of the table and my place straight across at the opposite end. There are four seats along the sides for our children to eat. Assigned seats has a negative connotation, but I believe the personal touches tailored to all the personalities will make every seat a unique place designed for one specific person. I see monogrammed charger plates, special notes of encouragement, and extra helpings of the foods they like on their plate.

Every place at my future dinner table is going to be unique. It doesn’t mean I love my husband or kids any less, just that my love for each of them is tailored. The point being is everyone in my family will have a seat at the table. Have you ever thought that God views us in the same way? He desires for each of us to Take Our Place at His table!!!

When you share a meal with someone, you share more than food. Usually, your physical hunger and social needs are met. Dinner is fellowship; you learn intimate details and laugh merrily. The cares of the world can evaporate temporarily at a good dinner party. That’s exactly what happens when we sit at God’s table. Whether we are praying, worshipping, or sitting quietly… Our time in God’s presence feeds us spiritually. We are renewed and refreshed. Spending time at God’s table allows our knowledge and reverence of who he is and who we are in Him to increase. “As God increases in our life, we as fleshly beings decrease” (John 3:30).

When you have dinner with someone, there’s a lot of planning that goes into it. Someone has to extend the invitation, the invitation has to be accepted, and everyone has to pick a date, time, and location suitable for all parties involved. The beautiful thing about dining at God’s table is that NO appointment is necessary. His table is available 24/7 and your spot is reserved. No one is taking your spot; its set aside with your name on it. Our place at God’s table isn’t earned, it’s a free gift offered through the process of salvation. (Ephesians 2:8)

Our God is a God of free will. He loves us and gently nudges us through the Holy Spirit to spend time with him, but he always leaves us the choice. God doesn’t desire puppets; He wants willing vessels who yearn and ache to be in His presence. “When we draw near to God, he draws near to us!” (James 4:8) A surrendered person doesn’t just seek God’s counsel in times of need. It’s important to press in when life is great also. Your seat at God’s table isn’t contingent on your circumstances; your seat is saved, so that God can alter and transform your heart to look like His, which in turn helps you overcome your circumstances. God’s plan is to “give you a new heart, and a new spirit. Sitting at His table opens the door for our hearts to be cleansed and allows God to remove the heart of stone formed from our flesh”. (Ezekiel 36:36)

In choosing to sit at God’s table, we choose to sit at the table of victory. The victory of God came 2000 years ago on a cross when our savior, Jesus, was beaten beyond recognition for our sins. Jesus took our place and Won the battle we could not win on our own. How grateful we should be that our Savior, our friend, our Lord loved us enough to lay down his life before we even knew our faults. (Colossians 1:20-22). Our God is Jehovah Nissi, the Lord our Victory! Sitting at his table in private allows us to publicly stand and fight from victory. Jesus simply says “take heart, I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). Though the world may beat you down, keep going back to your reserved seat at the Lord’s table, and there you will be spiritually filled and equipped to fight in victory (Ephesians 6:10-18)

It should be our highest honor to seek the Lord’s face. Jesus’ death on the cross was a gateway for us to find our place at the Lord’s table. Before the cross, Christians had to bring blood sacrifices, cleansed in the most detailed manners on an appointed day to be in the presence of God. What a disgrace that we, myself included, many times take for granted that we live in a new covenant; one that allows us to “call on the name of Jesus anytime and anywhere”. (Psalm 91:15) We, especially, as American Christians, have a freedom our predecessors and some contemporary Christians in other parts of the world dream of and are willing to die for.

Does our God get angry when we blatantly ignore Him after such a great deed was done to give us privilege and invitation to join him at the Table? NO, our God is so righteous and so loving that he continues to pursue us daily… He beckons us to him, He blesses us beyond what is deserved, He extends grace and mercy when we fall short, He forgives us and remembers no more when we step outside of his grace. God LOVES us unconditionally and relentlessly.

You are the daughter or son of the King. He calls you his child, an heir to His kingdom” (Romans 8:17). Every parent loves to see their child, especially once they have left the nest, come home and dine at their table. God is waiting to welcome you with open arms at His table. No matter how many people enter His home, NO One can or will fill your spot at the table. “Taste and see that the Lord is Good” (Psalm 34:6)!! The table is set and your place is reserved—Don’t wait: the most magical dinner complete with love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, and faithfulness is on the eternal menu. (Galatians 5:22)

I Belong

1.Contrary to everything the World portrays, Our identity is found FIRST in Christ. We belong to him- Jesus knows our name

a.You do not belong to your self, for God bought you with a high a price, so you must Honor Him – 1st Corinthians 6:20

b.Give your bodies to God because of All he has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice- This is truly the way to worship him – Romans 12:1

c.But now, this is what the Lord says- he who created you, he who formed you, Do not dear for he has redeemed you; I, the Lord, have called you by name, you are mine – Isaiah 43:1

2.When we accept that we belong to God, we step into authority and purpose of who he has called us to be. Our other identity markers are built around his calling for our life.

a.Today, I appoint you to stand up against nations and kingdoms, some you must uproot and tear down, destroy and overthrow, others you must build up and plant. – Jeremiah 1:10

b.You will command nations you do not know, and people unknown to you will come running to obey, because the Lord your God has made you Glorious- Isaiah 55:5

3.Declaring that you belong to God opens the door for you to receive all of his promises

a.You are God’s book and he writes 100 times better than anything we could possibly do on our own
i. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before I ever came to be – Psalms 139:16

b.God will change your life and blow your mind
i.Now to him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above what you can ask or think, by his power that is at work within us -Ephesians 3:20

c.You’ll realize that no circumstance, good or bad, defines you or separates you from the one who defines and claims you as His own
i.I am convinced that nothing can ever separate me from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither my fears of today or my worries of tomorrow, not even the powers of hell. – Romans 8:38

God said and We believe that we are His children, called to fulfill a purpose and to be a light in a dying world. Our identity is in him and the world can’t take that identity no matter how hard they try. God loves you, YES YOU!!

ALWAYS remember that you are Loved and You Belong!!!

Submerged: ” Why being Knee Deep with God isn’t enough “

I remember taking swimming lessons when I was 8 years old. Standing at a mere 4 ft. 5 inches tall, I was so intimidated on the first day as I stared into the large indoor pool from the shallow end which was 4 feet and looked out towards the unthinkable deep end, which was 12 feet deep. On that day, I thought what in the heck is my mom thinking, I could die in this water— I can barely stand up without being underwater (submerged).My mom had wisdom that my innocent mind was not privy too; she knew the only way I could learn to swim effectively was to be submerged into the water and that started with learning the rules of the water, hence swimming lessons.

The reason for the above story is to create a parallel of swimming and your spiritual walk. It’s easy to be intimidated just like 8 year old me when you first start to understand the concept of God. Living for God and following his ways seems cumbersome and scary, like the 12 foot end of the pool. However, just like there was a process for me to learn how to swim, there are also steps for growing in your spiritual walk. You don’t just wake up one day ready to jump into 12-foot end of a pool or the 12-foot end of spiritual life. Without a solid foundation (aka spiritual lessons), you won’t be equipped to handle the tests that come with being submerged in 12-foot end of spiritual life. With that being said, the rest of this blog will be broken down into

1. Staying Afloat

The first thing they taught us in swimming lessons was about kicking our feet. I remember hanging onto the wall and kicking my feet for what felt like an eternity during lessons. They told us kicking our feet was important because that was the way to propel ourselves forward. Many people have grown up in church, so the concept of God is second nature. We “kick our feet” spiritually in Sunday school class, children’s church, vacation bible school, church camp, and many other great activities designed to teach kids about God. Other people don’t learn about God until they become adults. They attend church once or twice month, listen to praise music on Sundays, and pray when they
need something. In this stage, whether child or adult, God has a genie like quality for young believer, he is available when it’s convenient for the person. He’s a part of their life, but he isn’t yet everything. This is a “when I need God he is available outlook”. However, the goal of our spiritual walk should be that God is ALL I
NEED. They are not yet submerged, rather this stage in the believer’s walk is about staying afloat.

2. Knee Deep Standing Firm in the Comfort Zone

The next thing they taught us in swimming lessons was moving our arms while kicking our feet. We would kick our feet and flap our arms to tread water. This step of learning to swim reminds me of the stage in our spiritual walk when we learn about the bible and become more involved in church. Now, as a believer, we are able to repeat stories of people in the bible like Jesus, or Moses, or Abraham. We can quote popular scriptures like John 3:16 or Philippians 4:13. We selectively try to live right, but ignore parts of the bible that don’t align with some of our fleshly desires. We say things like only God can judge me (read Isaiah 13:11) or God knows my heart. Jeremiah 17:10 says “the Lord searches the heart and tests every man according to his ways, the fruits of his actions”. This is very much an excuse filled stage of the spiritual walk. It’s dangerous to be stuck in this place. God calls us to grow in his word and in our walk. (1st Corinthians 13:11– “walk by faith,not by sight”) 

At this stage, many people believe in God, but they haven’t experienced him for themselves. Therefore, their faith will remain shallow and stagnant if they stand firm: These believers are in the water, but they’re not moving towards the deep end. They are treading in 5 feet where they are comfortable because the water is not deep enough to overtake them, so they feel they’re in control. The bible tells us that in order to live the fullness of our life in God,We must surrender control to him.

3. Going Against the Grain using Power Strokes:

In my swimming lessons, they taught us power strokes once we got the hang of using our arms and feet together in the first two steps. These power strokes were a more effective method of using our arms and were designed to help us swim against the current in oceans, lakes, or any other body of water not stagnant like a swimming pool. In regards to
your spiritual walk, power strokes compare to the development of a personal relationship with God. The believer has started reading the Bible on their own, praising, and spending quiet time. Usually, they have a few testimonies because they have witnessed what God can and has done in their personal life.

At this stage, many believers have given God most of their life, but they haven’t given him ALL of it. In terms of percentage, they are probably 75% committed, which is good, but it’s still not enough.I can personally attest how dangerous this stage is because I got stuck here for a long time without even realizing it until I was convicted beyond measure. The problem with giving God 75 percent of your life is that the Devil still has 25 percent to play with. And make no mistake about it, that’s exactly where he will attack you, the 25 percent. See the devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy so he doesn’t care how much of your life you leave open, he just cares that you have left some of it open. This stage is a good place to be in your walk, but it’s not the BEST place and we
all want God’s best for our lives.

4 Submerged: Diving Deep and Never Turning Back

The last thing we ever did in swim lessons was a test. We had to jump off the diving board into 12 feet and swim to the other end of the pool. This test was a comprehensive exam to determine if we could apply all the skills we had learned. At this point of the lessons,our swim instructors relinquished control and allowed us to take charge.
total focus and commitment were required from us as students to pass the test. This is the place we all trying to be in our spiritual walk. When we jumped off the diving board, we were Submerged; it was sink or
swim and there was no turning back.

This is a beautiful Place to be in your spiritual walk, it’s total commitment to God. It’s a place of surrender: you yield to his will for your life because you understand that his ways and his thoughts are higher than yours (Isaiah 55:8) You’re trusting the plans he has for your life because he working for your good (Romans 8:28) When tests come, you talk back to the devil and use the word of God as your weapon. This is the stage where everyday you take up your cross and you choose to be faithful and obedient (Psalms 119:30) it’s not always easy, but it’s Worth it
because he is faithful..

So cheers to Living it out and being Submerged
in the King’s(👑 Jesus) way!

Pray For Me: The Gift of Praying for Others

People, whether friends, family or sometimes strangers, tell us often “pray for me”. Our natural response is to say okay I will, or if you’re like me and you love emojis, you send 🙏🏽🙏🏽. It’s great to say this, but there’s an action step that follows! We actually Have to Pray. We should not just pray Lord help them, but we should be intentional in our prayer time of interceding, agreeing, and or lifting up the concerns of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Prayer changes things. Prayer changes people. To understand power of these proceeding statements, we must understand the power of prayer. Prayer is communication with God. We take for granted that we can easily connect with God by praying in our car, our homes, in the church, in restaurants before we eat and many other places. In the Old Testament, a sacrifice had to be brought to the temple and only certain anointed people were allowed to pray. The people were disconnected from God because the debt of out sins had not Yet been paid.

But thanks be unto him, we don’t have Those problems. JESUS fulfilled the prophecies of scripture and became the ultimate sacrifice. The cross was the payment of our sins, the cross was the restoration of our connection with God. Because of the Cross, we can pray. Because of the cross, we can have intimate relationship with God. Because of the cross, we can lift up our needs and the needs of our brethren.

From this day forward, be intentional about your prayer life. Be reminded of why we can pray and express your gratitude to our savior. Intercede intercede intercede!!! pray for those in your life who don’t know Christ. Pray that people will not just hear about God, but that they will experience Him.

Don’t absent mindedly say you will pray for someone and not follow through. Pray with fervour and passion as though you were praying over your own concerns. Pray with a humbled sincere heart. Believe that God can and will do the impossible.

Some of us are ahead of others and are already intentional about praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ. And it can sometimes be cumbersome. You feel like you’ve been praying for them for a long time an yet they are still unsaved , they have not completely surrendered, they’re still in an unhealthy relationship, Or whatever the circumstances: it seems unchanging. Let me encourage you, don’t grow weary in your prayers. God hears you and he’s working in their life and yours. Continue to be faithful in your prayers, trust and believe that God is moving. Sometimes God reveals his will, but he doesn’t reveal his timeline. You keep interceding and believing because we serve a miracle working God and he can break any chain, restore any situation, and change every circumstance.

When you’re weary, PRAY. God’s strength is made perfect in weakness and he wants to hear from you. He cares about every small and big thing happening in your life. When you’re joyful, PRAY. God wants to rejoice and celebrate with you. No matter the circumstance, there’s always someone interested in your story and his Name is JESUS . He loves you, He’s for you and He wants to hear from you . So PRAY !!!!

Go to verses about Prayer

1. The Lord is far from the wicked but he hears the prayers of the righteousness – Proverbs 15:29

2. Don’t worry about anything, but in everything by PRAYER and supplication, let your requests be made known to God Philippians 4:6-7

3. Confess your sins one to another, PRAY for one another. The PRAYER of a righteous person has Great Power at Its Working – James 5:16

4. God has listened, he has truly attended to the voice of my Prayer — Psalm 66:19

5. The Lord’s Prayer, Matthew 6:5-13
Note: this was an outline of how to pray,and here are 4 takeaways: acknowledge God for who he is , give thanks, confess and ask for forgiveness. Make your request known to God

Write it Out– Connecting with God on Paper


This is my current journal. Journaling has been one of the best outlets for me in my walk of faith. I write basically everything in my journal: sermon notes, ideas pertaining to my purpose, songs I discover during worship, prayer requests for myself, names of people who I’m praying for, praise reports, letters to God about my raw unfiltered emotions and feelings, lists of things God told me to… Like I said everything.

You may be like me and enjoy writing; it helps me process my thoughts and makes things more real. I’m queen of sticky notes containing things I need to do, so journaling comes naturally. If you’re like me, then this challenge won’t be hard or seem like too much. However, some of you may be like my brother. He hates writing an isn’t exactly into sharing his feelings. Whichever your personality type, I challenge you to start keeping a journal of your faith walk.

It can be formatted however you please, write as little or as much as you want. Just write something. I believe you’re gonna grow deeper and closer in your relationship with God. Journaling will help you be more accountable to God and to yourself, allow you to really think through and process your feelings, and connect on a more intimate level with God.

One beautiful thing about God is that he’s the BEST Secret keeper. So, whatever is in your journal will be between y’all.