Eyes on the Wise

When you read the title, you probably thought it was a typo– isn’t the slogan “eyes on the prize”? Normally you’d be right, the world does say keep your eyes on the prize. There’s only one problem with this ideology for believers. It’s hard to keep your eyes on a prize you can’t see. The bible says our treasures are hidden in heaven (Matthew 19:21) The reward for accepting Jesus as Lord and following him on earth is an inheritance to God’s Kingdom (1st Peter 1:3-5)

It sounds all fine and dandy to know that our rewards are in heaven but is it practical view of living on earth?? The true answer is yes and no… It’s practical to keep the long term outlook that earth is not our permanent home and to know that Jesus is coming back for his Church which in turn will lead to a restoration of our heavenly treasures.

However, human nature and the way God made us in his image (Ephesians 2:10) leads us to desire nice things on earth. We want nice houses, fancy cars, great relationships, successful careers and many other things. There’s nothing wrong with wanting these things; the problem comes when we make them idols. We put achieving success in our jobs, and relationships with people above spending time with God and using our spiritual gifts to serve and love people.

We focus so much on earthly prizes that we lose sight of the Wise one who can guide and direct our paths. If we focus more on God than on our daily to do lists or our circumstances, we can unlock a unique gift. The gift of having an all powerful, all knowing God working on your behalf. When you have the perspective that God’s got me, things that use to seem big become small.

We don’t have to find value in the things of the world. Jesus dying on the cross defined us as valuable. In his eyes, we were valuable enough to DIE for. If you know that someone loves you so much that they would be crucified and die for you, would you ever take your eyes off of

When we realize that God has given us the seal of approval, we no longer define our value by success at work, or with people. Our hope and confidence are not dependent on fickle opinions and the fleeting feelings of people anymore; our hope and confidence are rooted in a strong tower, a God who formed the world with his hands and whose love for us is unconditional and never ending.

So how do we keep our eyes on the Wise? The process is the same as if you were trying to build and establish an earthly relationship, You spend time with God in prayer and worship. You go on group dates whether that’s church on Sunday or bible study during the week. You have individual dates where you sit quietly and listen to what he has to say or spill your guts and tell him all about your day and your issues.

As you get deeper in your relationship, you’ll want to ask him not just about the big stuff in your life, but also the small things.( ex Hey God, what do you think about me dying my hair blond?) The crazy thing that most people miss, when you ask God questions, he always answers. We just have to be still and alert enough to hear him. Nothing on this earth compares to an intimate relationship with Jesus.

It doesn’t happen over night, but I encourage you to challenge yourself daily to grow deeper. Don’t let a day go by where you are not spending time with our God. All the things you think you have to do are not as important as building your relationship with Jesus. If we turn our focus to the wise one, we build our faith. He can carry our burdens and help us do everything we need to do without burning out. The bible says Jesus gives strength to the weary ( Isaiah 40:29)
and his burden is light ( Matthew 11:30)
So, the question today is “ Where are your eyes?”

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