I Will Remain Confident in This.

We all have been or may currently be in a season of waiting. You’ve prayed for something and now you’re waiting for God to deliver. In the waiting season, the enemy loves to attack and come against the promise of God. He wants us to doubt and be of little faith.
I personally have been struggling with this exact sentiment. I know God promised me something BIG something GREAT. And It’s always on my mind, but every time I want to go for it – God says Not Yet.
Well naturally, my response is “if not now, when God?  Why would you promise something, have it close enough to touch and then instruct me not to touch? I don’t understand”
If you know the God I know, you know he’s one of conviction and correction. So in answering my questions, God said “Daughter, you don’t have to understand because my ways and thoughts are higher than yours ( Isaiah 55:8) and my timing is perfect (Ecclesiastes 3:1). God said I am still aligning some things and whether you admit it or not; you aren’t ready for the prize YET. But you will be ready if you WAIT on me. Be Patient and Trust me.
Then God led me to Psalm 27 and this passage has arrested my spirit all week. I can not escape God’s precious words as it seems they were written for me and my situation. I think they may have been written for you also.  This  one verse stood out more than the others.
I will remain confident in this, I will see the goodness of the Lord while in the land of the living.
(Psalm 27: 13)
The whole passage is good, but this verse is exactly what I needed. God said I know your dreams, your desires and your needs. I (God) will provide my Goodness in your earthly life and in heaven. Don’t lose hope, keep the faith. What I ( God) has promised, I am faithful to deliver.
Whether it’s an internship, relationship, job, scholarship, healing,forgiveness or whatever God specifically spoke to you, He will bring it to past in His timing.
I know that is much more than the words on the page, but that’s what I heard from God. He’s so amazing in speaking to my situation and to yours. If we seek his guidance, God will provide assurance. He gently reminds us that he knows our situation and that He is For us. I’m so grateful for these sweet reminders because its hard to keep the faith especially when the devil is planting seeds contrary to what God has said.
The enemy thrives on division. He wants there to be doubt and questioning of your faith. But God wants us to Trust and Wait on him.  God wants us to be like David. David waited patiently on God’s promise and he stood on the fact that Our God is Faithful and Our God is Trustworthy. If you’re like me, and need a gentle reminder: consider this such.. let’s make up in our mind today to be united in thought and faith on God’s word. Let’s Believe God’s promises above the seeds of doubt the devil has planted. God is for Us and His plans for us are Great.
God said and we believe I am Confident I will see the Goodness of the lord in the Land of the living. (Psalm 27:13)


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