Write it Out– Connecting with God on Paper


This is my current journal. Journaling has been one of the best outlets for me in my walk of faith. I write basically everything in my journal: sermon notes, ideas pertaining to my purpose, songs I discover during worship, prayer requests for myself, names of people who I’m praying for, praise reports, letters to God about my raw unfiltered emotions and feelings, lists of things God told me to… Like I said everything.

You may be like me and enjoy writing; it helps me process my thoughts and makes things more real. I’m queen of sticky notes containing things I need to do, so journaling comes naturally. If you’re like me, then this challenge won’t be hard or seem like too much. However, some of you may be like my brother. He hates writing an isn’t exactly into sharing his feelings. Whichever your personality type, I challenge you to start keeping a journal of your faith walk.

It can be formatted however you please, write as little or as much as you want. Just write something. I believe you’re gonna grow deeper and closer in your relationship with God. Journaling will help you be more accountable to God and to yourself, allow you to really think through and process your feelings, and connect on a more intimate level with God.

One beautiful thing about God is that he’s the BEST Secret keeper. So, whatever is in your journal will be between y’all.

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