Post Election: An Open Letter To My Christian Brothers and Sisters


Dear Christian Brother or Sister,

The recent presidential election has caused so much division in our nation. Many people voted from places of fear, anxiety, anger, hurt, bitterness, pride, and so many other emotions. Well, the election is over and the people have spoken. It doesn’t matter which side you were on; the fact is Donald Trump will be our next President of the United States.

In the days and weeks to come, I’m sure there will continued tension amongst our nation. Many people of color feel betrayed, disappointed, and fearful. I have had friends reaching out telling me to be safe and expressing concern for me because of where I live and attend school. I would be lying to say I haven’t felt my own doubt, anxiety, and fear about what is to come.

But God reminded me of who He is and made it plain that I shouldn’t worry or walk in fear.  Can I tell you that God is not amused, fearful, or surprised of the election outcome! We serve a God who knows the beginning and the end. The beautiful thing is he’s given us a glimpse of these same things too if we’d only open our bibles and read them.

There seems to be an expected other shoe that will drop because Mr. Trump has been elected. Christians look the same as nonbelievers in a lot of cases. We’re making outrageous facebook and twitter posts, unfollowing and blocking people because their beliefs misalign with ours, and saying we’re scared of the next 4 years. If no one has told you, the spirit of fear you harbor is not from God, Its’ the devil. The desire to suppress every belief that’s different from yours is the devil, He wants division. The devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy: He’s like a roaring lion looking for vulnerable people.

The time is Now for us as Christians to stand united. I encourage you to not walk in fear because of who you are and whose you are. You are the Daughter or Son of the Most High God and He is still on the throne. Will we as Christians react to the election like unbelievers or will we be set apart? Will we love God and chase after him more in the midst of our confusion or do we run for cover and ignore His call?  Will we love people more despite their differing opinions and shortcomings as Jesus did for us? Will we allow the enemy to swallow us up in the distraction that can be social media?

I challenge you today and every day going forward to be SET APART. Its okay to feel a vast range of emotions in the aftermath of the election, but its not okay to stay in those emotions. Don’t ruin your witness arguing with people on social media or in person. Let your light for Jesus shine brighter than it ever has. In all things, point people towards an eternal Hope, and tell them about the One whose Name is the Highest title in the land. That name is Jesus!!!

The God who loves you is fearless! Let us, His bride (the Church), be fearless also. Let’s love people more than we ever have and actively work towards advancing the Kingdom in our personal lives. God loves me, you, and every person who disagrees with our political stance. So let’s be set apart and Love as Christ loves us. This is so much bigger than you or me: this love is necessary because souls are at risk and eternity is on the line.

Your Sister in Christ,



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