See the Vision: Stand on the Promises

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Here’s one thing you should know about me; I am not artistically talented. Art has been a struggle for me, since I was a young girl. The most trouble I ever got in during grade school happened in art class. I was discouraged by my inability to draw simple things like the Sun or trees, so I would refuse to participate in art class in elementary school. Well, my art teacher said my negative attitude was effecting the class. So he sent me to the office as a disciplinary action. There was only one problem, the people in the office didn’t believe I had caused any trouble; they welcomed me with open arms, chatted with me for about 10 minutes and sent me back to class.

Why did I tell the story? I want you to know that I LITERALLY can draw nothing and have never been interested in art. My interests and appreciation for different forms of art grew once I started college as I designed and decorated my room. I still stick to less hands on art like picture frames and canvases with scriptures (not painted by me), but I like to have one personal art piece in my room every year.

What’s the one personal piece you may say???? Its my vision board. Calling it “my vision board” is a little misleading however because that implies its filled with my quotes, my pictures, my dreams of what my future will be and its none of the above.

Instead, my vision board is actually God’s vision board for me. The most recent edition is two canvases side by side. On one canvas, I made post it notes full with God’s promises to me. I have scriptures about His love, His plans, and His provisions for my life. On the other canvas, there are scriptures with God’s commands for me. I know God will fulfill His promises to me, but I challenge myself to Live His commands. The canvas with scriptures of God’s commands is a daily reminder of the importance He places on showing love to the world, being a light, possessing a servant’s heart, and living a life that Glorifies His name.

One of the hardest things I have done in my young faith walk was letting go of my dreams and plans and choosing to trust God even when I don’t understand. I can’t give the fullness of my testimony because I’m still in the midst of this season. However, I believe that as He leads and I follow: My God who promised is faithful to perform. I trust God’s heart even when I can’t see His Hand. My vision board is a reminder of God’s promises and keeps me centered on His word.

I try to read all the scriptures every day, but especially when I feel doubtful, frustrated, overwhelmed, confused, or any other negative emotions the devil sends in his attacks. Its in those hard times where I actively choose to remember and STAND On the Promises.

So, my challenge to you is to create your own rendition of a vision board. Be led by the Holy Spirit and allow the board to be God’s vision for your life, not your own. Jesus said that “if you lose your life for his sake you will Find life” (Matthew 16:24). Jesus came to this earth, lived a blameless life and died for our sins so that we could “have life and have it to the full”. (John 10:10). It’s great to know God for the eternal life He offers, but lets not miss the splendid earthly life He desires to give us also. The life Jesus offers is rich in non-material values like joy, peace, and hope. CREATE your vision board, DECLARE the promises, LIVE the commands and STAND on the Word of God!!

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